EdTech Research (Africa)

Educational Digital Technology (Ed-Tech)

We provide the Insights to improve educational opportunities in Africa

DiasporaOne’s research focuses on the factors that shape educational performance in Africa and how these factors interact with technology and innovation. The company produces data-driven reports, international case studies and deep-dive analysis on the latest developments in African education. Through this work, DiasporaOne helps decision makers make informed decisions on educational investments and development strategies.


Our Methodology

Our research projects aim to  gain an understanding of how technology can enhance learning outcomes in African schools and universities. We analyze the availability and use of educational technologies in various countries across Africa, and provide key insights into the challenges and opportunities digital technologies present for African education. Based on the results, DiasporaOne compiles a range of recommendations for governments, policy makers and educators about multi-faceted approaches to leverage educational digital technology to improve learning outcomes.

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