Road Accident Mitigation (Africa )

Road Accident Mitigation (Africa Focus)

We help reduce the number of road accidents on African roads

The aim of our Road Accident Mitigation (RAM) consulting service is to  (RAM) is to reduce the number of motor vehicle crashes and fatalities on the continent. It involves a combination of measures, such as improved road safety legislation, enhanced vehicle safety features, better infrastructure and safer driving practices. It also includes public awareness initiatives and better enforcement of existing regulations

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Our Methodology

We specialize in providing both technical and strategic consulting to help reduce the number of road accidents on African roads. Our dedicated staff of safety engineers and risk management professionals apply their expertise in traffic safety, accident evaluation, and risk management to help our clients develop and implement the Road Accident Mitigation  initiatives designed to increase the safety of African roads. 

Whether this is through more rigorous road and engineering inspections, better enforcement of traffic laws, better public education, or a combination of all three, we are committed to providing our clients with the best road accident mitigation solutions available.

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