What is Trailer Insurance?


How much does trailer insurance typically cost?

What is Trailer Insurance?

Trailer insurance is a coverage that provides financial protection to owners of trailers. It helps protect the expenses associated with physical damages and/or bodily injury resulting from an accident involving the trailer. It can also provide coverage for theft of trailers, as well as other items that may be loaded in the trailer.

Why Do I Need Trailer Insurance?

Trailer insurance helps to protect a trailer owner’s significant financial interests in their trailer. Without trailer insurance, there is no guarantee that any losses resulting from an accident or theft of the trailer would be covered.

What Does Trailer Insurance Cover?

Trailer insurance helps to cover the cost of repairs for physical damages caused by accidents or theft. It can also provide coverage for any liabilities resulting from an accident, including medical bills and legal fees.

What Is Not Covered by Trailer Insurance?

Though trailer insurance provides coverage for a lot of potential costs associated with an accident, it generally does not cover any of the following:

    • Intentional Damage-Intentional acts of damage to a trailer are not covered by trailer insurance.


    • Maintenance-Related Issues-Trailer insurance generally does not cover expenses related to routine maintenance, such as flat tires or brake repairs.


    • Property Damage to Others-Trailer insurance generally does not provide coverage for property damage to others resulting from an accident.


Trailer insurance is an important type of coverage for anyone who owns a trailer. It helps protect the owner’s financial interests in the event that the trailer is involved in an accident or is stolen.

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