What is Specialty Dwelling?


What is a specialty dwelling and what makes it different from other types of dwelling?

What is Specialty Dwelling?

A Specialty Dwelling is a type of residential dwelling, usually distinct from a conventional single family home and often offered by creative housing developers. This type of housing is becoming increasingly popular for many reasons.

Types of Specialty Dwellings

There are many types of Specialty Dwellings, each providing unique features and benefits, such as:

    • Micro-Dwelling: Also known as “home sharing”, this type of dwelling offers more economical and smaller living spaces that can accommodate up to several people sharing their home.


    • Duplex: This type of dwelling provides two separate living units that share a common wall, often located next to one another.


    • Row-Houses: This type of specialty dwelling provides multiple living spaces that are connected to one another, which are especially helpful for those living in dense, urban areas.


    • Tiny Homes: This unique type of housing provides all of the amenities of a standard home, while having a smaller footprint that is more cost efficient and energy efficient.


Benefits of Specialty Dwellings

Specialty Dwellings come with many benefits, such as:

    • Cost and Affordability: Specialty Dwellings are often more economical and are often less expensive than traditional homes.


    • Creative Solutions: Specialty Dwellings provide creative housing solutions for those looking for a distinct and unique living space.


    • Flexible Arrangements: Specialty Dwellings can be built to fit many different living needs, such as large or small families, singles, couples and others.


    • More Efficient Use of Space: Specialty Dwellings are often more efficient in terms of space and can be built to fit a variety of needs.


Specialty Dwellings are a great option for those looking for an affordable, unique and efficient living solution. From tiny homes to row-houses, these dwellings provide creative housing solutions that can fit a variety of living needs.

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