What is Residence Glass coverage in Homeowners Insurance?

Loss of Use coverage in Homeowners Insurance?


1. How does Residence Glass coverage protect my home?

What is Residence Glass coverage in Homeowners Insurance?

Owning a home carries with it vulnerability to risk such a property damage, liability, and financial risks. Homeowner’s Insurance is one way to protect you. It can provide financial protection in the case of an unexpected event.

A key component of Homeowner’s Insurance is Residence Glass coverage. This is a form of protection that covers most glass items on the property that are not attached to the structure, such as windows and mirrors.

What it Covers

Under Residence Glass Coverage, the following items will typically be protected:

    • Windows


    • Leaded glass windows


    • Mirrors


    • Shower doors


    • Glass tabletops


In the event that one of these items is damaged or broken, the insurance will cover the cost of replacing the glass.


It is important to understand that Residence Glass coverage is not all-inclusive and there are limitations to what it covers.

Typically, Residence Glass coverage will not cover:

    • Windows attached to walls, such as skylights or solarium windows


    • Damage resulting from vandalism or natural disasters


    • Glass included in furniture, such as doors included in a bookshelf


    • Glass blocking, such as bricks in the window or shatterproofing glass


    • Damage resulting from faulty installation or manufactured defects


In addition, Residence Glass coverage typically comes with a deductible, meaning you must pay for the cost of repairs up to a certain amount before the insurance benefits kick in.


Residence Glass coverage is one of the key components in a Homeowner’s Insurance plan. It is important to understand what it covers, as well as its limitations, in order to make sure you have the right type of coverage for your property.

It is recommended that you speak to your insurance provider for more in-depth information on Residence Glass coverage and any other coverage included in a Homeowner’s Insurance plan.

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