What is Equipment Breakdown coverage in Homeowners Insurance?

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1. How much equipment breakdown coverage is included in a standard homeowners insurance policy?

What is Equipment Breakdown Coverage in Homeowner’s Insurance?

Equipment Breakdown coverage is an optional coverage that many homeowner’s insurance policies offer. It provides protection from the cost of repairing or replacing certain household equipment that breaks down or is damaged due to an unexpected mechanical or electrical failure.

What Types of Equipment is Covered?

Equipment Breakdown coverage typically covers the following types of items:

    • Major home appliances, such as refrigerators, washers and dryers, dishwashers, ovens, and cooktops.


    • Electronic equipment, such as computers and televisions.


    • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, including parts, wiring and associated motors.


What Does Equipment Breakdown Coverage Include?

Equipment Breakdown coverage typically includes the following features:

    • Repairs or replacement fees for equipment that is damaged or destroyed by sudden and accidental mechanical or electrical breakdowns.


    • Costs to remove debris, which is debris or fragments caused by the breakdown of covered equipment.


    • Costs of propping up equipment, which is necessary to access parts of equipment that has broken down.


    • Slight damage, which is defined as minor damage that does not cause functional destruction to covered equipment.


    • Food spoilage coverage. This covers the cost of damaged or spoiled food that is kept in a household refrigerator or freezer.


How does Equipment Breakdown Coverage Work?

Equipment Breakdown coverage is typically purchased as an additional endorsement to a standard homeowner’s insurance policy. In the event of a covered equipment breakdown, the policyholder may file a claim, and if approved, they will be reimbursed for the cost of repairs or replacement.

If your policy includes Equipment Breakdown protection, it is important to read the policy in full to understand the scope of coverage, exclusions and limitations. You should also be sure to alert your insurance carrier when any changes are made to the equipment that is covered. This can help avoid any disputes in the event of a claim.

In conclusion, Equipment Breakdown coverage is an important optional coverage to consider when purchasing a homeowner’s insurance policy. It provides protection from the costs of repairing or replacing certain types of household equipment that breaks down unexpectedly.

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