What is Dwelling coverage?

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2. What is the cost of Dwelling coverage?

What is Dwelling Coverage?

Dwelling coverage is a specific type of homeowners insurance that helps the policyholder cover costs associated with fixing damage to their house. This type of coverage helps homeowners cover the costs of repairing their primary residence or a covered additional structure—like a detached garage—in the event of a covered loss such as fire, theft, or vandalism. Generally, dwelling coverage pays for the repair of a dwelling, as long as the cause of damage is covered by the policy. While policies may vary, dwelling coverage may also help pay for temporary living expenses associated with repairing an otherwise uninhabitable property.

What Does Dwelling Coverage Include?

Dwelling coverage can include the cost of the structure itself, as well as the cost of materials and labor related to repairing or rebuilding the structure. Additionally, most dwelling coverage includes loss of use coverage, which helps pay for increased living expenses in the event that the homeowner has to temporarily relocate while their home is repaired. These expenses can include meals, temporary lodging, and other related costs.

What Dwelling Coverage Does Not Include

Dwelling coverage does not cover personal belongings and property inside the home. This type of coverage is usually provided by the additional coverage included on your homeowners policy, such as personal property coverage, loss assessment coverage, and liability coverage. Additionally, dwelling coverage does not cover any damage caused by natural disasters and other events that are excluded from the policy Terms & Conditions.

What Factors Affect Dwelling Coverage?

The cost of dwelling coverage is determined by several factors, including the location and size of your home, the age of the structure, the material used in construction, and the overall condition of your home. Additionally, the cost of dwelling coverage is influenced by the coverage limits you select and any deductible associated with the policy.

When Do I Need Dwelling Coverage?

You should purchase dwelling coverage if you are a homeowner and are looking for financial protection in the event of a covered loss to your dwelling. Additionally, rental property owners should also purchase dwelling coverage in order to ensure they are covered in the event of a covered loss to their rental unit.

How Can I Get Dwelling Coverage?

Most homeowners and rental property owners will work with an agent to help them find the best dwelling coverage for their needs. Make sure to provide your agent with accurate information about your home and any additional structures, such as detached garages, so that you can receive an accurate coverage quote. An experienced agent or insurance carrier can also help you determine which additional coverages you might need to adequately protect your property.

Dwelling coverage can help homeowners and rental property owners protect their investments in the event of a covered loss. Learn more about what dwelling coverage includes and the factors that affect its cost to ensure you have the protection you need.

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